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The origin of Estepona is somewhat confused, but it seems obvious that it was the Phoenicians who made the place a centre of trade, they gave it the name of Astapa, Astabbunna or Alexthebuna, which sounds a bit like Estepona.
Some historians link Estepona with the Iberian people of Saldaba, also attributed to Marbella, while others mention Cilciana as the origin of the city.
In any case, in the place known as Torreon, a pre-Roman site next to the river Guadalmansa, there are ruins that cast doubt on the origins of this first settlement.

What does not offer any doubt is the passage and domination of the Romans, the city that in order to maintain its loyalty to Carthage, was besieged by Lucio Marcio and had to surrender in the year 208 BC.
Later and after the numerous clashes between Muslims and Christians in the waters of Estepona, Alfonso XI fought a historic battle in 1342, a battle from which he emerged victorious.
The city was conquered by Enrique IV, under whose mandate the Castillo de San Luis was built, of which remains can be found in Calle Castillo in Estepona, near the Clock Tower (La Torre del Reloj) and the Plaza de las Flores (Plaza de las Flores).
Estepona, with some 600 inhabitants, received a letter from King Felipe V (December 1683 - July 1746) giving it the title of independent town. This letter can be found in the municipal archives.
From that day on, Estepona grew as a town until its present situation.

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